Hating on YA: Adults reading Young Adult Fiction

Here’s a post I related to. Good writing is good writing, regardless of its publishing label. Never be ashamed of what you read. The best thing about joining the online community has been finding out how diverse most people’s reading preferences are.


When someone asks me what my favourite book is, I bite my tongue and lie.

The Grapes of Wrath,” I say, or, “Animal Farm.” I watch as they nod their head knowledgeably and remark, “Oh, such fascinating symbolism, do you remember when …” and then I put on a strained smile, all the while pretending that I have read either of those books.

My favourite book is City of Bones by Cassandra Clare and you might not have not heard of it. It follows a young woman who, on the night her mother is kidnapped, discovers a mysterious underground civilisation called the Shadowhunters, and uncovers a secret that she may very well hold the key to their salvation.

It is a Young Adult book.

Don’t grimace.

I am a life-long reader and have read profusely and hungrily, as if, at any moment, the book might be ripped…

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