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Series Crackdown Details and TBR


Series crackdown begins this weekend. Hosted by The Bookmoo, it encourages readers to finish a those series on their selves which have been gathering dust. Stretching over ten daysleepingspinners, it seemed like a generous time span to make a push with a couple of series from my shelves.

My initial idea was to head into a six-book series which has been on my shelves for years. However, in my TBR for this month I chose to finish Abi Elphinstone’s trilogy, and continue Melinda Sailsbury’s trilogy with The Sleeping Prince and The Scarecrow Queen. These are not books I’ve had for YEARS, but books I expected to read in a day which have sat for a couple of months. Instead of pushing these books back further, when I want to read them so much, I am going to finish them for Series Crackdown. 

As I want to finish the Carnegie list over the next couple of weeks, three books is enough to participate, without throwing my Carnegie read-through off-course. 


Have you got a series languishing on your shelves? What are you reading for Series Crackdown?


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