Chat – how’s that book ban going?

How is that book ban going? After two false starts, I put my debit card into my mum’s care.

Let’s clarify. Mum won’t stop me buying books. She won’t give or deny permission. I’m too old. The point of giving Mum my card is to put a step between myself and the ridiculous ease with which I can buy books. (NB. Quite often, details are registered online. My solution is still effective. The card is shining-new. I don’t know the security details.)  ‘Fessing up to the fact I’m buying another books puts me off big-time. For the next four weeks, book buying will not be my guilty secret.  

Ten days on, (‘I am a bookworm. It has been ten days since my last purchase’) I’m thriving. I’m thinking of extending the ban. I’m actually enjoying it.

There are books I want to buy, oh yes. There will always be books. Instead of buying on impulse, I have time to filter those books through my mind and learn which I want most. Currently, I’m craving are Quest and Odyssey. Companion books, Quest is aimed at the Middle Grade audience, Odyssey at YA. They contain short stories from the ‘Arhus 39’- 39 of the best emerging writers for young people from across Europe. These are the books I will buy at midnight, the day the ban breaks. What’s not to love?

You know what? Half those books I can’t live without … I still can’t live without. I’m a bookworm, for heaven’s sake. Books are my sustenance. However, I can wait for them. Buy them in smaller quantities. If one book makes a feast, it may be I don’t need to buy them by the armful.  

libraryLive in Cumbria? Did you know you have access to books from across the county? I’ve still got a bee in my bonnet about the proportion of YA to adult fiction at my local library. Instead of running to Waterstones, I took time to explore the library’s online catalogue.  I took out Dancing the Bear by Mini Thebo and Where the World Ends by Geraldine McCaughrean, (yep, the new one. Published this month.)

I realised how many amazing books I have on my shelves, (see ten books I must read, the Top Ten Tuesday post which triggered the book-buying ban.) I’m reading an e-book ahead of my first blog tour, and working through the Carnegie list. Here’s to the forthcoming reviews. Now I’ve stopped chasing book after book, I have so much to say about books I already own.


Have you ever instated a book ban? Did you take drastic measures to stick to it, or do you have self-restraint? (Teach me!) Were there any positive outcomes, or did your bookshop loyalty card burn a hole in your pocket? Chat below – I would love to hear your experiences!






5 thoughts on “Chat – how’s that book ban going?

  1. I have never went on a book buying ban, and don’t think I ever really will. Buying books is, for me, a way of forgetting about life for a little while. I can browse and ponder and make decisions about which worlds I want to explore next, which worlds will take me out of horrid situations like being at hospitals.
    I am, however, quite strict with myself in terms of knowing whether or not something is my taste and not taking it just because someone says they love it. 10 books is also usually my maximum from Waterstones.
    Glad to hear it’s working well for you though Louise! (And I love that you gave your mum your debit card to take care of 😂)
    Amy x

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    1. I understand about books being a refuge. I’m glad it’s not just me who thinks 10 is restrained! Since I started blogging, my tastes have broadened, (there have been too many epic YA contemporary reads this year!) This has had a positive effect on my writing, but not so on my budgeting!

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  2. I tried a book buying ban a few months ago. I think my TBR post shows how well that went! 🙂 I use my debit card too much for everyday stuff to be able to give it to my mum though and have to rely on willpower instead! (I think we’re on the same blog tour – it’s my first too!)

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    1. Yes – The Devil’s Poetry. 🙂 Look forward to your post. My review is nearly finished. I don’t usually read ebooks. It beat my expectations, and I’ve found plenty to write about. Understand about everyday use of debit – I couldn’t have done this last year.


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