Chat: Dream Reading Space


Forget the prince – I’ll take the book collection. Who would have thought the film of the year would make libraries fashionable? 

My books fill eight overstuffed bookcases, a couple of boxes and any surfaces you leave uncluttered. Following a house move, I  have a dedicated reading room. It takes six of my shelves, a clutter of pens and my natty student-sofa, (a thing of wonder – it’s basically some metal bars and an oversized ironing-board cover.) The window looks out across the fields in the general direction of the Solway Firth. There’s only one problem with my reading room – it is technically my Dad’s study. 

Belle’s library? Not quite. Dad hasn’t thrown out any technology since technology began. A scout-around uncovered a GameBoy Colour, a not-so-digital videocam, a scaelextric, every mobile phone any family member has ever owned, and a thing of wonder called a Casio VL-TONE. My sister and I spent a happy childhood playing one irritating prerecorded tune to death. We never figured whether the Casio was good for anything else. 

Until I’m a squillionaire, I’ll have to create my perfect reading space online. Needless to say it has shelves. Lots of shelves. Check out my mood board for an idea of what my reading space would look like. You never know, perhaps I’ll get hold of the cushion or travel poster? Hover over the items for links. 


What would you have in your perfect reading space? Where do you like to read?


6 thoughts on “Chat: Dream Reading Space

  1. I think my dream reading space would be a nice cosy room, with a big comfy couch (with cushions, and blankets for cold days) and lots of pretty shelves (I’ve never had a bookshelf as my room is too small, I have tons of storage boxes instead). I’d also quite like lots of food close by so I could have some yummy snacks while I was reading. Amy x

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    1. I forgot snack space! Great idea. As a teen, I had a mini-fridge. I banned drinks in our study, (poor Dad! There are too many books uncovered. One spill, and 50 could be ruined.) In a dream space, I would have a little coffee zone. Have you ever been to Barter Books in Alnwick? They have coffee and comfy chairs dotted around.

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    1. Isn’t it? I love the shade of blue. We get lots of little birds in our garden, so it would fit nicely. Watch this space for my’bookish gifts wishlist.’ That poster got me thinking. 😉


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