Chat: Bookish Gifts

Bookmarks and posters and pins, oh my! Sports fanatics and film buffs have been a recognised market since time began, but it is only in the past ten years that serious interest has been taken in bookworms. Before the dawn of social media, I suppose manufacturers thought we were catered for. Bookworms needed books. Perhaps the odd bookmark, or a set of fancy bookplates. What else could we possibly want?

With social media, it became apparent we wanted so much more.

Willam and Joseph Candles

Perharps we had never been recognised as a tribe before. Bookworms don’t, as a rule, gather. Oh, we gather in spirit. We share concerns. Those concerns are largely for make-believe people, and our own right to be left alone with these figmants of our mind. I don’t know about you, but I always experience a frission of solidarity when I meet another bookish person. If I had whiskers, they would quiver.

It seems an unlikely coindcidnce, that the rise in online book communities has lead to an explosion in the number of bookish gifts available. A second reason exists – the internet gave artists and small companies an affordable platform through which to sell their goods. To summarise, the internet made us a market, and gave us the goods.

I own a huge number of bookmarks, and some beautiful Alice in Wonderland Christmas decorations, but have been a bit slow to catch on to the number of products available. To spare my purse – and following on from my ideal reading space – I have made a pinboard of bookish items I would like to buy.

Where do you stand on bookish gifts? Are they an addiction, or would you have a book every time?

12 thoughts on “Chat: Bookish Gifts

  1. I’m very picky with my bookish merch. I would rather spend the money on books itself BUT if I’m looking for stickers, pins, candles, totes, phone cases, etc I would love it if they were book related!

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    1. That’s a good way of thinking about it. Book money is book money, but if you happen to be looking for a tote bag, better have it book related. I would like a couple of little bits for my shelves, if I ever get them looking photogenic.

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  2. I’d rather go with buying books, but that’s more because of the shipping costs when I finally find bookish items that I’d like to have. Those put me off every single time.
    Thank the skies that I have a FairyLoot subscription, so I get some bookish items every month, haha.

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