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Waiting on Wednesday – The Secret of Supernatural Creek by Lauren St John

ssc-imageEleven-year-old ace detective Laura Marlin is back for her next exciting adventure in the fifth mystery from award-winning author Lauren St John.

‘Anyone ever told you that you’re too clever for your own good, Laura Marlin?’

With her arch-nemesis, Mr A, safely behind bars, Laura Marlin can’t wait to relax on a school trip to Australia. But hours after arriving, a seemingly supernatural message makes her fear for her safety. As the group tours the Northern wilderness, mysteries and near-disasters haunt them, but only Laura believes they’re connected. Can she figure out what’s real and what’s an illusion … before it’s too late?


Why I can’t wait to read The Secret of Supernatural Creek:


  • Favourite series alert! I’ve been with Laura Marlin since 2011. My first impression of Dead Man’s Cove was ‘modern Famous Five’ – from the seaside setting to the faithful dog. It was when Kidnap in the Caribbean came out that I realised Lauren St John was something special. Not only are her mysteries A1, she includes enough of an ‘issue’ to get her message across without it overwhelming her young audience. The adventure takes precedence to the message.


  • I’ve been an animal lover since I could toddle. I turned vegetarian before my fifth birthday, and have spent the years since trying to figure out why people fail to live peacefully alongside other species. Lauren St John is the author I needed in my childhood. Her work examines ethical issues about animals, and she has written some touching relationships between human and animal characters.


  • Supernatural? I love it when there is some question as to whether events are caused by supernatural forces. I want to know whether it is possible in the realms of the story, and if so how. If it isn’t possible, why would another character go to great lengths to pretend it is? From the short synopsis, I’ve already got a sense Laura might be in danger. I want to know the outcome.


  • Laura Marlin has been around for seven years. I have already spoken to my blogging friend Amy about growing up with Laura Marlin. Amy is fifteen, and has read the series from her pre-teen years. For the first time, Laura Marlin offers interesting discussion about growing up alongside a fictional character.


The Secret of Supernatural Creek by Lauren St John

August 2017

Orion Children’s Books

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