Chat: September Plans



September Staycation: What is this life, if full of care? Everyone, regardless of what the poem says, needs to take time to stand and stare. My family agreed we need to see more of the regional area – we live in Cumbria, but we want to see more of our broader area: think as wide as Yorkshire, Northumberland, the Scottish borders and Cumbria itself. (Nb. It’s not as wide as it sounds. Any one of these places can be seen within an hour’s drive.) As I didn’t go aborad this year, this had become known as our ‘staycation’. 

We have great plans. There are places I want to share with you – bookish places, and places which will capture your imagination as they capture mine. ‘The place where you crawl up a Giant’s nostrils, or something.’ You can imagine my Dad’s face when I put that request in, but guess what? I won. Not only becuase it’s nearly my birthday, and I’m a spoiled poppet. No. The Forbidden Corner in North Yorkshire ACTUALLY looks like an epic day out. 

There will be pictures. breakbirdReviews Coming Up: 

Sneak preview. From girls swapping images to prove or disprove feminist theory, to the end of chocolate and the best portrayal of mental health I have read in YA Fiction, September has it all. Plus there is that mile-high TBR pile to sift through, and those Autumn/Winter releases which are making their way on to bookshop shelves as you read. Check back on Friday to hear what’s high on my Autumn/Winter bookish wishlist. 

breakbirdNational Poetry Day: 

Michael Rosen Picture 2 - Credit Goldsmiths, University of London.jpg

I am super-excited to announce I have an interview with Michael Rosen lined up and ready to publish on National Poetry Day 2017 (Thursday 28th September.) Rosen’s epic poem Chocolate Cake has made its way into picture book form. Among other things, Rosen has spoken to me about the different formats the poem has manifested in. I can’t wait to share this with you. 


So… here’s to blackberry jam, stories around the fire and all the colours autumn in Cumbria can throw at me. September. Make it a good one. 


6 thoughts on “Chat: September Plans

    1. Thanks Lucinda. Interviewing Michael Rosen was a childhood dream come true. His answers are so interesting, and I can’t wait to share them with you. Also planning a trip to the pop-up poetry cafe at Dove Cottage for NPD. It’ll be great to celebrate poetry.

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