Never too old for Narnia. About Lucy, Lucy and Me.

lucybannerI’ll never be too old for Narnia. I’ve said it all my life, and I’ll say it again. I can’t tell you how cool it was to find a play about a late 20-something woman encountering the same img_3347dilemma. The moment the world tries to force you to grow up and face you will never get that call from Aslan. 

Lucy, Lucy and me was a sell-out hit at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and came to Carlisle courtesy of  Borderlines. Borderlines is my local book festival. It may not be the biggest festival in the North, but it does exactly what you would hope. It brings a range of arts events to one area for a weekend, and promotes authors, actors, musicians and poets to bring them to a wider audience. This is my second year in Carlisle, and my advice from two years of attendance is go for the most obvious, and the least obvious. Last year I was lucky enough to win a day ticket to one venue. Borderlines has a wide range, and it is the place to find a new interest. 

Back to Lucy, Lucy and Me. I knew I had to see this, as a kid-lit fanatic and lifelong Narnian. It is about Lucy Grace, the woman behind the one-woman show, and Lucy Barfield, the Goddaughter of CS Lewis to who The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is dedicated. Disenchanted with the world after a youth spent dreaming of Narnia, it img_3348documents Lucy Grace’s search for information about Lucy Barfield. Famous for the dedication, information about Lucy Barfield runs cold at the point she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, despite the fact she lived another 40 years. The question posed by Lucy Grace is can the sum total of 40 years of life be seen as ‘nothing’? 

Told with humour and respect to the memory of someone who cannot speak for themselves, Lucy, Lucy and Me is a gentle performance with a big heart. If you get the opportunity to see this, snap it up. (I also love the 90s Toys which act as props – Fisher Price Casette Player, anyone? Also love references to BBC Narnia, a programme which my sister and I watched first on video, then on DVD. Def. a nostalgia fest for those born in the late 80s or early 90s.)   




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