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Book Haul – Early April 2018

bookhaulaprilBook Haul – Early April 2018

Christmas is a distant memory, summer holidays are a distant dream, and we’re in a transition stage where the spring-summer 2018 books are starting to hit our doorsteps. 

I’m looking forward to some fluffy summer love stories, to stories of beaches and islands and adventures on the sea. 

Being a book blogger, I am exceptionally lucky to receive books in exchange for review. I am grateful for every book which comes through the door, as it enables me to share a wider range of children’s fiction with my lovely readers. One massive thank you to everyone who has sent me book post. 

Here are the books I have received in the past couple of weeks. I hope to share as many of these as possible in full reviews, so check back if you see anything which grabs your interest. 

[No books bought or otherwise received since NYA Fest. Which you’ve heard all about.]


The Big Book Of The Blue – Yuvval Zommer 

Thames And Hudson

img_5354Sharks and sea turtles, whales and rays. A fantastic fact-file of everything under the sea. A double-page spread is given to each of the featured species, and the information is presented as a series of fun facts. 

Yuval Zommer studied at the Royal College of Art. This is the kind of book you might find in the Tate Modern bookshop. It is visually stunning and would be useful for encouraging children to produce their own underwater art. 

A hide-and-seek game runs through the pages to entertain even the youngest reader. I can’t wait to tell you more in a full review. 


How To Write A Love Story – Katy Cannon


img_5358Tilly has always wanted to be an author like her gran, the bestselling romance novelist Bea Frost. When Gran asks Tilly to write her next romance novel, Tilly is forced to confront the fact she has never been kissed. She sets out with an action plan but finds that real life isn’t like a novel.

I love protagonists who write. Literally by Lucy Keating was a surprise favourite at the end of 2017. I hope the same combination of romance and writing will make HTWaLS a big hit. This is top of my fluffy-summer-novel pile.

That’s a mega-compliment. 


The Company Of Eight – Harriet Whitehorn


img_5294-1The Circus Ship has set sail, taking with it Cass’s dream of becoming an acrobat. Desperate for adventure, she jumps on board another boat and follows the Circus Ship to sea. This leads towards danger she could not predict. 

Regular blog readers know I love fiction set in the circus. Circus school, circus train … now a circus ship. This sounds like the perfect adventure and is written by the talented author of the Violet series. 


The Electrical Venus – Julie Mayhew 

Hot Key Books

img_5335-1After struggling to earn her keep in a traveling show, Mim is pushed to the top of the bill as The Electrical Venus. Men queue up to buy one of her electrifying kisses. Mim wants to know whether her love will ever be worth more than a penny.

Another book set in the show industry, this one for a YA audience. The feminist themes sound fantastic, and I imagine this will be a lyrical story.

Julie Mayhew is the author of The Big Lie, a fantastic speculative story with a F/F relationship lived in secret under the far right. It was a favourite of mine in 2015, and I am excited that Mayhew is still exploring feminist themes.

The Wondrous Dinosaurium – John Condon and Steve Brown

Maverick Arts Publishing 

img_5296Danny wants a new pet. He doesn’t want any old boring pet, like a cat or a dog or a goldfish. Danny wants a dinosaur. What follows is a trip … or two … two the Dinosaurium, a bucket-load of havoc and a spectacularly cute cameo from a tortoise. 

Maverick Arts Publishing publishes bright and upbeat picture books which are accessible to very youngest readers. They are also enjoyable for the adults reading alongside their child. The Wondrous Dinosaurium is no exception.

Arlo, Mrs Ogg And The Dinosaur Zoo – Alice Hemming and Kathryn Durst

Maverick Arts Publishing

Class 4X have a reputation. They are unruly, disobedient, and frankly unteachable. Past teachers have run away screaming, and there is no reason to suppose the new supply teacher will be any different. Except Mrs Ogg is different. Very different. Her first proposal is to take 4X to the zoo. What she fails to mention is this is no ordinary zoo

It is lovely to have some fiction for a younger middle-grade audience. Judging by the illustrations, this is going to be fantastically funny. 


Puddin’ – Julie Murphy 

Harper 360 (UK)

img_5293-1Mille has gone to fat camp every year since she was a girl. This year, she plans to skip fat camp and get closer to her crush. Callie Reyes is popular, but when it comes to friendship, she is more frenemy than friend. Circumstances bring the two girls together, and they are surprised to find they have more in common than they believed. 

Companion to the bestselling Dumplin’, this is a story of unexpected friendship and chasing your dreams. 

Dumplin’ was big on the blogging scene when I started out last year. Somehow I never got around to it, but with the film due this summer, I wanted to get on board. I’m expecting wicked humour, romance, and a big heart. 


Big thanks to all the named publishers for sending books for review. 

Have you got anything interesting on your TBR? Anything here you would like to read? Ask me questions, or join in the chat below. 

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