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Guest Post: Books With The Boy


Followers of my blog know that Charlotte from Charlotte Somewhere is one of my closest blogging friends. I love so much about Charlotte’s blog – her acerbic wit, her photography and her coffee recommendations come straight to mind. The other thing I love about her blog is a regular feature called Books With The Boy. This is a collaboration between Charlotte and nearly-7-year-old S. 

S has kindly written a guest review of Simon Sock by Sue Hendra. I’m particularly excited by S’s instructions for making a Simon Sock sock-puppet. Thanks to S and Charlotte for this wonderful guest post. birdI liked about Simon Sock when he had to run away from Mr Twinkle-toes so he did not get eaten. But I did not like when the spotties were mean to Simon because that is not nice. I would give Simon Sock one million and thousand stars out of five stars.

I made a sock puppet about Simon Sock with my mum, by doing these instructions:

sockpuppetYou will need a sock, some scissors for a grown-up, three pipe cleaners, googly eyes, superglue and the end of a cardboard box.

First you need to put on some superglue to stick on the googly eyes. You have to put the cardboard right down inside the sock, all the way to the bottom before the superglue goes on because otherwise the sock will get stuck to your fingers.

Then stick on the eyes to the superglue on the sock and hold it until the eye is stuck but don’t get your finger stuck. Aaaarrrgghhh.

Next you need to get a grown-up to cut two holes on the top and two holes on the sides. Cutting holes in socks is very dangerous so you need your grown-up to do this bit so you don’t get all cutted up. . You put one pipe cleaner through the middle hole and shape it into arms however you like. I was trying to tie mine in a knot to make some hands.

Then put two pipe cleaners in the ear holes and shape them however you like to make two sticking out ears.

And then that is it.

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