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Bookish Stationery Guide – August 2018

Bookish stationery guide and wishlist

This week I took part in one of those memorable group conversations when someone produces something everybody else once. The thing in question was a set of Jackie Morris notecards. These were passed around the table and admired. Stoked. Snail-Mail may be in decline but people love beautiful notecards more than ever. 

Jackie Morris is one of my favourite artists, and I’m also pleased to include Dee Nickerson in this round-up. She paints introverts. Women with cats and books. Women who jump in the waves and dream of flying with the birds. I love her art more than I can possibly say and aspire to live like a woman in a Dee Nickerson painting. 

I own a small amount of bookish stationery. My Peter Pan Moleskine is my pride and joy – and still hasn’t been written in because I haven’t had thoughts which are worthy of its pages.

Here is my current bookish stationery wish list. Is there anything here you would like to own? Do you have any beautiful bookish stationery? Let me know in the comments below. 


18 thoughts on “Bookish Stationery Guide – August 2018

  1. Those Puffin Postcards are going on my list too! I already have a set of Puffin colour in postcards and the love the Roald Dahl postcards you can get too: I gave them to my friend as a present, which has worked out well as most of them are posted back to me!

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    1. They are so cute Rachel! I have a book about Puffin cover design and any number of older Puffins I have picked up through various second hand shops and sales. They make a lovely collection. I would love to see more bookish stationery. It is great to celebrate our hobby outside of reading.

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      1. Definitely – I think stationery and books go hand in hand, I don’t know many bookworms who aren’t also stationery fiends! What’s the book about Puffin cover designs? I’d love to see that.

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  2. Yayyy for stationery! I absolutely love the pencil case, it’s so fun and colourful! I love the sound of Dee Nickerson, especially the women with books & cats artwork. I’m going to have to check her out, she sounds brilliant! Thank you for sharing all this beautiful stationery lovely 💖 xx

    Bexa |

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