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Review: Matchstick Monkey – Colours


Monkeys grey and monkeys red, 

Monkeys green and pink,

Monkeys yellow, orange, blue – 

Who’s quickest, do you think? 


Monkeys of all different colours a leaping through the trees, leaving colourful trails in their wake. Loops and zig-zags and bouncy-hills – all the trails are different shapes and colours. 

Matchstick Monkey is best-known as a teething toy. It is the saviour of sleep and parent-kind. The monkey motif has been used on blankets and towels. Now your little one can share in the monkeys’ adventures through this beautiful board-book. 

img_6948This board-book would make a beautiful introduction to colour. It also introduces the language of line-shape – loops and zig-zags and bounces are drawn in bright, glittery trails. I love the design. A book like this could easily have induced a headache in the adult-reader but the white background and minimalist design counterbalance the splashes of colour. 

The raised glitter-trails provide a game for the young reader and offer early practice of hand-eye coordination. With a little practice, children will pick up the game and be able to play it by themselves. This would be a lovely book to leave in the buggy or the back of the car. Small children will be engrossed in following those glittery lines. 

If a child took to this, it would be lovely to make your own trails – try crayons, paint or messy play. Trace different lines in sand and mud until your child has the vocabulary for colour and line-shape. 

This board book will give children hours of fun and is gentle enough to be enjoyed by the reader-adult. A big thumbs-up to the Matchstick Monkeys. Here’s to the adventures of learning and play. 


Thanks to Ladybird Books for sending a copy of Matchstick Monkey – Colours. Opinions my own.


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