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Review: The Snow Rabbit by Georgiana Deutsch and Alison Edgson

Review: The Snow Rabbit by Georgiana Deutsch and Alison Edgson

img_7519Bear is always angry. So angry that the other animals keep away until one rabbit decides to find out what will make bear smile. Could it be a snow rabbit or will it take something more? Something like a friend?

A story about friendship and empathy set during a snowfall. I loved the message of patience and understanding – Bear is growly and his temper which makes the other animals afraid. The animals stay away from him and whisper behind his back … which makes him even more unhappy. Something has to break the cycle. I liked how responsibility and blame were not landed on one party. It takes one of the animals to attempt friendship, and a very broken snow rabbit for Bear to figure out what needs to change.

The illustrations and design are as cute as a John Lewis advert. Bear may be grumpy but there is something sweet about his scowl. This is a book of cosy cottages, stripy jumpers and glittery snow-animals. It is a comforting landscape filled with woodland animals. I love how the jumpers and bobble hats provide splashes of warm colours in the frozen landscape.

The text uses both sentences and speech bubbles, which will give young readers a chance to voice their favourite parts and act out the text. The speech bubbles add an extra layer to the text – for all Bear is in the wrong, there are times when the other animals are melodramatic. This is countered by the little rabbit’s attempts to engage bear in friendship.

A familiar narrative made fun with glitter and sparkle. Cuddle up with a mug of hot chocolate and read this one together.


Thanks to Little Tiger Press for my copy of The Snow Rabbit. Opinions my own.


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