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Review: The Sea Saw by Tom Percival


The Sea Saw by Tom Percival. 

Sofia loses her bear on the beach and nobody sees but the sea. Although Sofia and her family search, there is no sign of the bear. The sea has taken him into its care and together they search for Sofia. The little bear ends up on a journey through rivers and oceans to be reunited with his owner.

A heartwarming tale of childhood friends and the things that are precious to us.

Losing a favourite toy must be every child’s worst nightmare. Perhaps something which still tugs at the hearts of big kids. We can all name that toy who is family. Stories of toys reunited by train companies and travel providers regularly make good publicity. People reunited with their stuffed friends makes a good story.Q

img_8162-1This picture book is a firm keeper. It has a timeless feel and it is the sort of story which is read and reread for sheer pleasure.

The illustrations feel both vintage and modern. They capture the historical setting while remaining relevant and relatable to a modern audience. I love the use of grey and black for the indoor scenes. Only the character is shown in colour, which allows the reader to focus on her actions and emotions. Later on in the story we see different seas and rivers, beaches and harbours, which remind us that although time passes, the sea remains constant.

The ending will make you smile as it brings tears to your eyes.

A beautiful story which offers new ways to look at loss, while still offering hope of reunion. This is a must for any childhood bookshelf.


Thanks to Simon And Schuster UK for my copy of The Sea Saw. Opinions my own.

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