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Review: Terry And The Brilliant Book by Nicola Kent

Review: Terry And The Brilliant Book by Nicola Kent


Terry and Sue are best friends who love playing with balls. They bat them and bash them and enjoy running around. Then Sue gives Terry a book. At first he can’t figure out what to do with it, but then he finds he can’t put it down. Sue gives it a try and she falls in love with reading too. Reading comes between their friendship when they forget to give time to other things. Then they discover the library together and learn to balance all kinds of hobbies. 

A colourful book about the joys of reading. 

As a bookworm, there are often times when I would rather be reading. In fact, that covers pretty much all occasions. Unfortunately, it can have a detrimental effect on other areas of life. This picture book introduces children to the joy of reading and teaches them to balance their hobbies with other activities. It would be a lovely book to read with any child who would do one thing above everything else.

It also shows that reading can be a hobby and a joy just like sport. Some children have never thought of reading as something which people might choose to do in their leisure time. Statistics show that many people live in households with few or no books. Understanding that reading can be a pleasure is vital if people are to maintain the habit outside of educational settings. 

I loved the colourful illustrations. The book uses lots of primary colours, with contrasting purples and pinks. The wash-effect calms these colours so that it is rather like looking at a stained-glass window or a packet of boiled sweets.  There are lots of details in the pictures for readers to pick out, from all the different things in the shop windows to the different pieces of Terry’s patchwork quilt. Books like this are lovely for sharing because it opens up lots of conversation about the setting.

A relatable and charming story about the perils of loving something too much. A lovely introduction to conversations about hobbies or ‘all about me’.


Thank you to Macmillan Children’s Books UK for my gifted copy of Terry And The Brilliant Book. Opinions my own.   

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