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Review: Against All Gods by Maz Evans

Review: Against All Gods by Maz Evans

against all gods


‘I can’t,’ Elliot said simply. ‘I have to do this.’ 

He thought of Josie and took a deep breath. While there was even the most desperate chance of seeing her again – whatever he had to do, no matter how risky it was and how slim the chance of succeeding – Elliot Hooper wasn’t going anywhere. 

(Against All Gods by Maz Evans. P12.) 



The odds are stacked against Elliot.

His home has been stolen, his father betrayed him and the only way he will ever see his mother again is if he hands the Chaos Stones over to Thanatos in exchange for her soul.

That will put mankind in peril, but there is no way Elliot is living without his mum.

As Elliot faces his toughest battle yet, the Gods rally to fight. Can they really hold off the dark powers of the demon army?



A final battle to save the earth, and one of the most heart-wrenching scenes in the history of fantasy. While the Gods gain lots of attention with their tremendous characters, it was Elliot who stole the show with his emotional growth.

Elliot is the kind of boy who makes the wrong decisions for all the right reasons. Throughout the series, his mum and his home have been forefront in his mind. He hasn’t had much time to be a kid, because he is too busy being the adult and keeping things together. It is more than time that a boy like Elliot features as the protagonist of a fantasy series. Imagine having to fight the battle to save all of mankind when there is something more important on your mind.

Maz Evans works in references to Greek mythology while keeping the story firmly rooted in the present day. The Gods carry technology (the iGod), use modern slang and follow fad diets. This not only brings the characters up to date but takes a humorous and honest look at modern life. While some of the humour is unashamedly bold, there are subtler points too. Why, for example, do we assume that the gorgon is going to be a brainless monster when she might hold a Ph.D. from Cambridge?

This series has been a major hit, and it is easy to see why. Alongside solid writing skills, there is a touch of magic about the books which makes them unforgettable. They have great child appeal while holding the adult reader, and there is no way on earth you could fail to root for Elliot.

Many are sorry to see the series end, but the other way to look at it is that the final book makes the story whole. A fitting ending to a popular story.


Thanks to Laura Smythe PR and Chicken House Books for my copy of Against All Gods. Opinions my own.





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