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Review: Tomorrow Most Likely by Dave Eggers and Lane Smith

Review: Tomorrow Most Likely by Dave Eggers and Lane Smith


Tomorrow just about anything could happen. It will, most probably. You will eat brown food and meet a squirrel called Stu and step out of the door to hear the city sounds. Through a whimsical rhyme, this book explores the small things which make one day different to a next and celebrates the wonderful thing that is living. After all, how bad can it be if the squirrel is OK?

Dave Eggers and Lane Smith are both masters of their form. This book has a nod to mindfulness and stopping to take in the minutiae of every moment. Young people are so much better at that, at defining their days by things which adults wouldn’t notice. An acorn fell, the clouds looked like castles, I heard music from outside while I was studying. Adults desperately need to readopt this practice to keep from believing that one day is the same as another. 

Just as the reader thinks they have the measure of the rhyme or the illustrations, something unexpected is thrown up. This cleverly mimics a real day and how we can be hit by the unexpected, the frightening and the just plain wonderful at any second. It will probably be like that, says the book, and that’s OK. 

The cityscapes are filled with splashes of colour. Wonderous everyday things to look at and places which get the imagination working. This is like seeing the city from inside the protagonist’s mind. It may be the everyday world but it is full of marvel. 

A meditative picturebook which hits on the joy of small details and the big role they play in our lives.


Thanks to Abrams & Chronicle Books for my gifted copy. Opinions my own.



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