waiting on wednesday

Waiting On Wednesday: Special Edition

Waiting On Wednesday: Special Edition. 


Waiting On Wednesday is a meme where bloggers announce forthcoming titles and explain why they are excited about their arrival. This very special edition celebrates the imminent arrival of my friend Christina’s baby girl. 

Working title: Jellybean

Publication date: Mid February 2020

She is a special edition. There is only one of her in the whole world which makes her unique and precious. 


  • It is too early to say that this baby is a reader – or at the very least to say what kind of reader she will be. What is certain is that she will be surrounded by books from the word go. From her mummy’s collection of children’s books, to the shelves that have already been bought for her very own, this little girl will have access to books from birth. Not only that but she will have a library card. Libraries do a fantastic job of turning small people into readers and this little girl will be inside one long before she can walk. We can’t be certain whether she will love stories, or facts, or copying out the pictures but she will soak up images and words and ideas from a tiny age. 


  • If What Will You Dream Of Tonight? was available as a board book, I would send it her way. This is both a lullaby and an incantation. It wishes readers adventurous dreams and introduces them to the magical places we visit in stories. It is also ideal for tiny babies who can’t yet understand words but enjoy listening to their rhythm. I hope Jellybean will find big adventures – in her stories, and her play. In her dreams and in her drawings. I hope her creative mind will always run free. 


  • She has already influenced my own reading. This little girl is born at a time when the climate is in crisis. I have read up on all the things I can do to help the planet and this year there will be no excuses. We can’t wait for the next generation to save the planet. There is plenty of literature available to help now and if I wish Jellybean a healthier planet then I must make every choice with our climate in mind


  • It is entirely possible that I sent her the above babygrow. My wish is for Jellybean to see positive messages about what she can do. This extends to literature too and it is encouraging to see more awareness of subconscious messages within children’s fiction. I want Jellybean to see girls leading the world, and girls taking part in STEM activities. I want her to see that girls in scruffy dungarees can play princesses and unicorns. I want her to see angry girls as well as happy girls. Assertive girls as well as quiet ones. Even picking clothes to send as a gift was eye-opening. I wouldn’t steer away from pink or pretty entirely but there were too many t-shirt slogans that practically read Obedient Little Miss Pretty Face. And that isn’t on. 


Now it is Wednesday and the world is waiting to hear Jellybean’s voice.



Written with permission from Christina. For Christina, Ben, and Jellybean. And possibly a dog, one day. x


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