Blog Goals 2018


Blog goals and reflections:

2017 was the year I started a blog. When I began, I thought I would share book reviews with like-minded people. People who were interested in writing, and people who came to children’s literature via literary analysis.  (people who might be interested in studying children’s literature at MA level. People who looked at Harry Potter and thought about writing an essay.) 

Then I connected with other bloggers. 

This year my blog has helped me connect with other readers, it has helped me connect with writers – published and unpublished – and it has given me an insight into content creation. Next year I want to think about my blog as a brand, and not just as my little corner of the internet. I want to ask myself who might read and what sort of content I need to provide. I would like to redesign my blog, but I also want to keep these thoughts in perspective. My blog is important to me, but creative writing comes first. CSS and graphic design are not my skills, and I want to ensure I am priorotising my creative writing. 

My other blog goal is to network. I have taken a positive step towards this by joining a group for new bloggers hosted by Avalinah of Avalinah’s Books.  By networking with bloggers from both bookish and non-bookish circles I hope to learn more about hosting a good blog. I have also signed up for the 365 challenge, to comment on 365 blogs over the course of the year. This says networking is a commitment without making it any more difficult than leaving one comment a day. I hope to find blogs I return to through the course of this challenge, and to become more integrated into different networks. birdReading goals and challenges:

Goodreads Challenge/number of books to read this year – 23/100 

This goal was hard to set. Do picture books count? Should I set a high challenge or cut it down becuase my real challenge is leaving enough time for other goals. I will enter into this light-heartedly. 100 is a fair average. I usually have two book reviews a week, so it should be do-able without forgetting my writing. 


#LoveOZYA – I would like to include more Australian YA in my reading diet, starting with the fantastic #LoveOzYA anthology. I will place a picture of the book cover here for every Ozzie YA book I read, and hope to read EIGHT or more books within the course of the year. 


The Modern Mrs Darcy Challenge


Now in its 8th year, I liked the flexibility of The Modern Mrs Darcy Challenge. It will vary my reading slightly and challenge me to think about my tastes and preferences. I will award a ‘badge’ (a round graphic) here for every completed category. 

The Modern Mrs Darcy Challenge also encourages readers to record their reading. I’ll get back to you on that one. 

  • A book you can read in a day – I read The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw in a day
  • A book by an author of a different race, ethnicity or religion than my own – Orangeboy and Indigo Donut by Patrice Lawrence.
  • A book recomended for an award in 2018: Indigo Donut by Patrice Lawrence
  • A book that’s more than 500 pages: Children Of Blood And Bone by Tomi Adeyemi