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Ten Reasons We Might Fail To Get On With A Book.


Sometimes we don’t want to finish a book. It’s the dirty secret bookworms believe is theirs and theirs alone. If you organised a confessional, people would come. I swear. We get into such a tizz about our DNFs. Can you imagine people behaving the same way over films or computer games? 

My big secrets:

It is OK to dislike a book

It does not mean you are inferior. It does not mean the book is too literary or political or intelligent for you. 

You are not a snob for disliking a writer’s prose. You are not a snob for disliking certain themes. 

You might like it in the future. You might not. Remember – we bring ourselves to fiction. As we change and grow we need different things from our reading. A character who bored you to tears the first time around might be the one you relate to in ten years. They might not. 

Here are reasons I might fail to finish a book. Do you relate to any of these? Let me know in the comments below. bird

  • A newer book is on our shelves, casting its latest-purchase magic. Even worse? There is a book I do not own but somebody else does. Why is the book I have acquired most recently always the one I want to read? 
  • Dull prose sends me to sleep. The end. 
  • I bought it for the cover. The shiny, shiny cover which the publisher invested heavily in. Other than that it isn’t my thing. 
  • Netgalley made me click-happy and now I am cowering in the face of digital files. 
  • Somebody told me I would love this book. It’s a curse. Speak not the fatal words if you want your friends to enjoy the same book as you. 
  • It appropriates someone else’s experience. I don’t believe you must live an experience to write about it but you must research and be sensitive to the real thing. 
  • I’ve read a-bazillion-and-one books this month. I will never read again. I do not know what reading is. 
  • It’s due back at the library so my reading pace has slowed to snailish. Deadlines. Also a curse
  • Entire GCSES and A-Levels and Degree modules count on me knowing this plot. OK, not relevant right now, but if my understanding of a book is going to be graded my interest in it is nada. Expectations? Curse
  • My book group chose it. Hence I don’t join book groups. That’s deadlines and expectations and I’m-supposed-to-love-it rolled into one. Albeit with tea and biscuits on the side. 

19 thoughts on “Ten Reasons We Might Fail To Get On With A Book.

  1. Ah gosh, that big hole of NetGalley still haunts me! I’m determined to keep my rating up this year but now am finding that I’m not getting through the backlist titles I want to read. It’s a continuous loop! I also sometimes have to wait for the hype of a new release to die down before I read it, I feel less pressure to ‘have’ to like the book then!
    Here’s my TTT.

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  2. Definitely with you on the Netgalley problem! I had a whole load of things that I’d requested and then gotten approved for weeks later, by which time I’d forgotten that I’d requested them and didn’t remember why I’d picked them!

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    1. I remember how exciting my first Netgalley request was! I swear I held my breath from the moment I clicked until that acceptance email pinged into my inbox. My physical TBR isn’t leaving me much time for NG, but I did request a couple of picture books. I would love to feature more picture books.

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  3. Wanting to read new books is always a big one for me. Have a pile of books that I’m reading/want to read? Time to go to a library sale and get a new pile to distract from the old ones.

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  4. Nice take on this week’s topic! I have a hard time putting books aside, but I’m getting better at it since I have less time to read now. There are too many good books out there to suffer through ones I’m not enjoying! Here is our Top Ten Tuesday.


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