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Blog Tour: Maybe The Moon by Frances Ives

Blog Tour: Maybe The Moon by Frances Ives

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‘Maybe the moon, so high above, 

Is shining on me and the friends I love.’ 

Eric loves his life in the forest, especially living so close to his animal friends. When Eric moves away from the city, he worries he will never be happy in a place so far away from his friends. 

As Eric explores his new home and makes new friends, he takes comfort from the fact that all the people he loves are under the same moon. 

A gentle but profound story about moving away from our loved ones. 

This book is extraordinarily beautiful, from the shiny-moon on the cover to the bright double-page spreads. The words are beautiful too – the gentle story is framed by the moments Eric looks at the moon, and his changing emotions about moving away from his country home. 

The story is like an inversion of Town Mouse and Country Mouse. Although Eric does return to the country, he does so with the new understanding that wherever he travels there will be new friends to make and old friends who still love him. The message of the story is clear – we may leave a place behind but we don’t have to move on from the people

img_7018I also loved that Eric’s first friends are animals. He is perplexed by the city, and initially thinks there won’t be any animals, but soon he finds pockets of nature (as well as other children to go exploring with). This could stimulate some great discussion about what might make an environment hostile to nature and what we can do to encourage and protect wildlife. 

I adore the design – double-page spreads which are dedicated to illustration are balanced with other spreads where the background is white. The variety means our eyes are drawn to the different illustrations. It never feels predictable or sameish. 

This would be especially appropriate for children facing a move or a change of schools. It would be a lovely gift to give to someone to tell them that, however far apart, you will always share a connection. 

One of the most beautiful picture books I have seen this year and one with a gentle story and a strong theme. 


Thanks to OMaraBooks for inviting me to take part in the tour and for my copy of Maybe The Moon. Opinions my own.


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