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Ten Books I Absolutely Must Read From My Shelves Before I Buy a SINGLE Book.


Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week, bloggers make a list on a related theme. I decided to take part for the first time this week, and found the theme was ‘most anticipated reads for the rest of 2017’.  Sticking to it would have been like staring at a chocolate eclair while on a diet, because I’ve just announced a four week book-buying ban. Why? It’s basically a case of reader-I-did-it-again. 

‘Shall I buy one book or nine?’ says I. Guess which answer won out. Much as I love books, the small pile of gold I keep guarded by dragon cannot take it. 

This week, I have made a list of ten books on my shelves I ABSOLUTELY MUST read before I buy another book. Let’s see how far into June it lasts.

Have you ever imposed a book ban? Did you stick to it? (More to the point, how?) Let me know in the comments below. 


Yep … I’m guilty of buying in bulk. 


10 thoughts on “Ten Books I Absolutely Must Read From My Shelves Before I Buy a SINGLE Book.

  1. I’ve never set such a strict book buying ban before, but it sounds like a really effective way to get ten unread books off of your shelves. I should really implement this over the summer…
    Great list!

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    1. Thanks Holly. I realised how many books I had on my shelves when I stopped planning my next purchase. Let me know if you implement one – would love to know what you find to read, and I’ll cheer you on.

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