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Top Ten Tuesday – 27.06.2017

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is a quickie. The theme is ‘Best Books You’ve Read in 2017 so Far’. ‘Best’ is a broad word. I have chosen ten middle grade books I have enjoyed reading. Click on the title to read my review. Please note – some of these reviews are on blogspot, where I started my blogging adventure in February. As this is a reflection on the year so far, I have made a second list of ten things I have most enjoyed about joining the blogging community. 

Top to bottom, Left to Right – 


Ten Things I love about blogging –

  •  I make notes as I read, to offer my blog readers some critical analysis. This has taught me about fiction and improved my own writing. 
  • I have explored new genres, contemporary fiction especially. 
  • Connecting with other newbie bloggers. Shout out to – Amy and Charlotte. Their blogs are great, and we share advice and experience, saving each other time. 
  • Networking with authors on Twitter. Emerging and established authors can be generous with their time and experience. It is my ambition to publish a novel. It makes sense to listen to people who have already done so. 
  • *Whispers* Free Books. Some people shrug this off. I’m not in it for freebies. My degree is in literature, I’ve read since I was a dot. I started the blog to network with other readers. Nevertheless, freebies have given me access to titles I would never have thought of reading otherwise. When I enjoy these titles, my reading preferences grow. 
  • Interaction with Gen-Z. It is the first time I’ve interacted with Gen-Z. I’ve spoken to young people ready to stand up for their rights, and it gives me hope. I have also learnt that Gen-Z rely on visual communication in a way I have never done. Gen-Z is about to hit the workplace. Learn how they communicate and incorporate it into your repertoire.
  • I have learnt to write for clarity. 
  • I am on top of news and new releases in a way I could only have dreamed of when I worked in a bookshop. If I was good at it then, I’ve taken it to a whole new level. By a book’s release date, I might have known about it so long it feels it has been around ‘a while’. 
  • Connecting with people all around the world. Where are you? Shout out in the comments below. 
  • My project management skills are slowly improving. I’m getting good with that ‘schedule’ button. 


15 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – 27.06.2017

    1. Thanks! I agree about reading more widely. I’ve read contemporary YA and YA Sci-Fi which I wouldn’t have touched before. I’ve enjoyed so much of it, and it has taught me so much about writing.


  1. I definitely agree with your list of joining the blogging community. Knowing all of the upcoming new releases is second nature to me now, but it startles my friends when I talk about books that aren’t being released until next year!


  2. I don’t read a ton of middle grade, but I do read a bit because I work in a bookstore. Wolf Hollow is definitely one I need to get too! I agree, blogging really prepared me to work in the bookstore, especially since we sell mostly new books. I can’t read everything, but even having some knowledge is helpful.

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  3. Great list! It’s been so long since I read any middle grade, it’s a genre I neglect and I shouldn’t because there’s so much great stuff out there – thanks for sharing! I’m 100% with you on being on top (mostly) of new releases, that’s something blogging has really helped me with, too. =)

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